Esther BOWEN

Family 1: Robert AYARS
  1. Stephen AYARS
  2. Caleb AYARS
  3. Joshua AYARS

   |  |   __
   |  |__|__
|  |      __
|  |   __|__
|  |__|
|     |   __
|     |__|__
|--Esther BOWEN 
|         __
|      __|__
|   __|
|  |  |   __
|  |  |__|__
   |      __
   |   __|__
      |   __



RA#1 TR#650000

!CAVEAT: Ayars family traditions state that this Esther is Esther Bowen, daughter of Richard Bowen, of Swansey, MA. However, we know from primary records that in 20 August 1682, Richard's daughter Esther married Samuel Millerd in Bristol County, Massachusetts. [see IGI] Richard's will, probated in 1723, lists two sons, Richard and John, the children of his daughter Sarah Bowen-Abel, "and the children of my dau Easther Millerd." [sic]. Given these dates, it is impossible for Robert Ayars to have married this daughter of Richard Bowen. However, six years later, Samuel Millerd's will, probated 9 February 1729, refers to his wife Hannah, and daughter Hannah, and sisters Hester West, Elce Chaffe, and Margeret Orsben. His wife Hannah is Executrix of the will. Richard Bowen's brother, Thomas, is a witness to the will, as is Henry West (husband of Samuel's sister Hester). Did Richard's daughter Esther die between 1723 and 1729? [SOURCE: Bristol County, Massachusetts, Probate Records]. The only evidence we have for the marriage of this woman to Robert Ayars is her signature on a mortgage from William Phipps, made in November 1687, and her name on the membership list of the Newport Seventh Day Baptist Church in 1692 and 1708.

!SOURCE: ANCESTRAL LINES REVISED: 190 Families in England, Wales, Germany, New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Compiled by Carl Boyer 3rd., Newhall California, Carl Boyer, 1981, pp. 81ff.

!SOURCE: George Norbury Mackenzie, COLONIAL FAMILIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Baltimore, MD, The Seaforth Press, 1913, pp. 60ff.

!SOURCE: SALEM COUNTY N. J. GENEALOGICAL DATA, Compiled by H. Stanley Craig, Vol. I, Merchantville, NJ, H. Stanley Craig, ND, p. 12. Death date based upon will of son Stephen. See also NEW JERSEY ARCHIVES, COLONIAL DOCUMENTS: CALENDAR OF WILLS, Vol. I, p. 20.

!DEATH: COLONIAL AND REVOLUTIONARY FAMILIES OF PENNSYLVANIA, Wilfred Jordan, Ed., Lewis Historical Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 1936, p. 424. Editor states she died in 1793. However, this would make her over 100 years old: She was listed as member of SDB Church in Newport in 1692. Must be at least in late teens or early twenties when she became a member. Thus, Jordan's deathdate is wrong!

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