Robert EYRES

Family 1: Margarette FOUCHE
  1. Robert AYARS

   |  |   __
   |  |__|__
|  |      __
|  |   __|__
|  |__|
|     |   __
|     |__|__
|--Robert EYRES 
|         __
|      __|__
|   __|
|  |  |   __
|  |  |__|__
   |      __
   |   __|__
      |   __



!SOURCE: MEN AND ARMOUR OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE IN 1608, Survey taken by John Smith. Military capability -- Pikeman. Of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England; husbandman. Therefore, if a pikeman, he was tall. Survey taken by John Smith of all men over 16 who were capable of, but not necessarily prepared to fight in his majesty's service. Thus birth at latest by 1592. From David Bryson Ayars, of Bartlett, IL.

!SOURCE: Gloucester Diocesan Record Book No. 202 - Visitation March 1640, Cleeve Episcopi (The old name for Bishop's Cleeve, which covered the villages of Gotherington, Stoke Orchard, Southam and Woodmancote). Margarette Fouche - presented to the Ecclesiastical Court (held in Gloucester Cathedral) for having a bastard child. Robertus Eyres, of the same place, presented for the same (in other words, for being the father). These could possibly be Robert's parents. Although described as a birth out of wedlock, it must be remembered that this is only in the eyes of the established Church of England, a wedding taking place outside the Church, i.e., in a non-conformist wedding, was not legally recongnised until Hardwicke's Marriage Act of 1764. There is no baptism of this child in the Bishop's Cleeve Parish Registers for that period, and one would assume from this that the parents had nonconformist tendencies, or at the very least were not a participating members of the Church of England. One thing to bear in mind that if this was Robert's father, he would have been fairly old, as he was at least sixteen in 1608. From David Bryson Ayars.

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