Robert AYARS (Yeoman)

Father: Robert EYRES
Mother: Margarette FOUCHE

Family 1: Katharin TAYLOR
  1. Isaac AYARS
  2. Esther AYARS
  3. Robert AYARS
  4. John AYARS
  5. Judah AYARS
  6. Ann AYARS
Family 2: Esther BOWEN
  1. Stephen AYARS
  2. Caleb AYARS
  3. Joshua AYARS

                     |                |   __
                     |                |__|__
 _Robert EYRES ______|
|                    |                    __
|                    |                 __|__
|                    |________________|
|                                     |   __
|                                     |__|__
|--Robert AYARS 
|                                         __
|                                      __|__
|                     _Edward FOUCHE _|
|                    |                |   __
|                    |                |__|__
|_Margarette FOUCHE _|
                     |                    __
                     |                 __|__
                                      |   __



RA#1 TR#650000

!ARMS: Argent, a chevron ermines (or sable), between nine escallops gules. [These arms appear on the seal of Robert Ayars as affixed in red wax to deeds made by him, now located in the Warren Lummis Library, Greenwich, New Jersey. According to Burke's GENERAL ARMORY, arms similar to this were owned by Eyres of Suffolkshire, England.]

!BIRTH: GLOUCESTER DIOCESAN RECORD BOOK, No. 202 -- Visitation March 1640. Cleeve Episcopi (The old name for Bishop's Cleeve, which covered the villages of Gotherington, Stoke Orchard, Southam and Woodmancote). Margarette Fouche - presented to the Ecclesiastical Court (held in Gloucester Cathedral) for having a bastard child. Robertus Eyres, of the same place, presented for the same offense (in other words for being the father). Although described as a birth out of wedlock, it must be remembered that this is only in the eyes of the established Church of England, a wedding taking place outside the Church, i.e., in a nonconformist wedding, was not legally recognised until Hardwicke's Marriage Act of 1764. [Thus marriages and births among nonconformists were considered illegitimate. JA] There is no baptism of this child in the Bishop's Cleeve Parish Registers for that period, and one could assume from this that the parents had nonconformist tendencies, or at the very least were not participating members of the Church of England. One thing to bear in mind is that if this was Robert's father he would have been fairly old, as he was at least sixteen in 1608. From David Bryson Ayars, Bartlett, IL.

!OCCUPATION: GLOUCESTER NOTES AND QUERIES, Vol. X, edited by Richard Holworthy, October 1913, "29 October 1660 -- Apprentices from the County of Gloucester bound at Carpenter's Hall, London, 1654-1694, by Bower Marsh. "Robert Ayres, son of Robert Ayres, late of Gotherington, husbandman, to Thomas Ware of Petticoate Lane."

!BIOGRAPHY: Frank D. Andrews, ROBERT AYARS AND HIS DESCENDANTS, Vineland, NJ, Privately Published, 1918, p. 9.

!PROBATE: SALEM COUNTY N. J. GENEALOGICAL DATA, Compiled by H. Stanley Craig, Vol. I, Merchantville, NJ, H. Stanley Craig, ND, p. 12. Robert (Ayers), Cohansey, will 2-25-1716/17; pr. 5-1-1719. Wf. Esther. Chd. Isaac (who has s. Caleb), Juda, Caleb, Robert, John, and Esther (wf. John Garm). Lib. 2, p. 119.

!WILL: NEW JERSEY ARCHIVES, First Series, Vol. XXIII, Abstracts of Wills, Vol. I, 1670-1730, edited by William Nelson, Paterson, NJ, 1901, pp. 19, 20. 1716-17 Feb. 25. Ayers, Ayres, Robert, of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Esther; children -- Isaac, who has son Caleb; Juda, Caleb, Robert, John, Esther, wife of John Garm (?). Tract of 2,200 acres, bought of William Billy, Edward Shippen, junior, and Joseph Wass (?); personal property. Executors -- the wife and Henry Buck. Witnesses -- Dickasen Shepherd, Joseph Shepherd, Nathan Lorance. Proved May 1, 1720. Lib. 2, p.119. 1719 April 20. Inventory of the personal estate, £167.6.7, incl. books, £1.6,-, made by Dickasen Shepherd.

!IMMIGRATION-MARRIAGE THE MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY -- AVE TO BAB, Number 11, (Chicago, IL: The Institute of American Geneology, date unknown), pp. 291-295.

!RELIGION: (Thomas Cushing, M.D., and Charles E. Sheppard, Esq., HISTORY OF CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Everts and Peck, Philadelphia, 1883, pp. 693, 694.) "He was probably a Seventh Day Baptist when he came to this county in 1705É"

!IMMIGRATION: Family traditions about Robert Ayars state that he came to Rhode Island in the company of Stephen Mumford in 1664, and settled in Hopkinton, Rhode Island. However, the earliest primary evidence for Robert's presence in New England is the gravestone of his wife, Katharin Ayars, in the Newport Common Burial Ground, who died 1684/5. He was married to her before 1673 (the year of the birth of Isaac Ayars, Robert's firstborn son). The earliest primary evidence of Robert's marriage to Esther Bowen is a mortgage indenture dated 1687. It is possible that Robert's firstborn was actually his daughter, Esther. She was listed as a member of the Newport Seventh Day Baptist Church in 1692. Whereas most colonial Baptists were baptized as adults around twenty years of age, Esther may have been born before 1673. SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST MEMORIAL.

!RESIDENCES: From Rhode Island Land Evidences, 1648 - 1696, (Providence, Rhode Island: Rhode Island Historical Society, 1921), Vol. I, pp. 208, 213, 227, 238, 245.]


(Page 341)

John Walley to Stephen Mumford and Robert Ayres.

"Ésix and Twentieth day of NovemberÉOne Thousand six hundred Eighty sevenÉBetween John Walley of Bristol on the one part: - - And Stephen Mumford of James Towne yeoman and Robert Ayres of NewportÉyeoman; Éon the Other partÉJohn Walley forÉsix hundred and Twenty pounds in Currant money of New EnglandÉbyÉStephen Mumford and Robert AyresÉpaidÉHath sould his farm continaeing about Two hundred and fourty acres of LandÉin the Towneship of NewportÉcalledÉBraces farme Late in the Occupation of Richard Allison now in the actuall possessionÉof Robert Ayres being the whole of that farme and Lands upland Meadows and swampsÉgiven by William Brenton Esqr: inÉhis Last willÉunto his sonn William BrentonÉbounded WEsterly by the LandÉof Henry Bull and Jireh Bull, Southerly by the Land of Major John Coggeshall, Easterly by the sea, Northerly by the Land of John Easton Senr: in partÉby the CommonÉwith all houses BarnesÉbuildings Wood, Trees and StonesÉupon requestÉof Stephen Mumford and Robert AyresÉand at their CostÉwill perform such Other actÉfor further Confirmation of the above gratedÉso asÉJohn WalleyÉbe not compelled to travill more than twenty Miles from hisÉhomeÉAlso Sarah Wife ofÉJohn Walley dothÉconfirmeÉpremisesÉ"

Wit. Jse: Addington John Walley Thomas Dudley Sarah Walley

Boston 30th. November 1687 John Walley Esqr: ÉAcknowledged This . . . . . . . . . . . . William Stoughton

(page 357)

Stephen Mumford and Robert Ayres to Sr. William Phips.

"ÉTwenty ninth of NovembÉone Thousand Six hundred Eighty sevenÉBetween Stephen Mumford of James TowneÉyeoman and Robert Ayres of NewportÉyeoman of the one Part, and Sr. William Phips Knight late of BostonÉon the Other PartÉStephen Mumford and Robert Ayres forÉthree Hundred poinds in currant money of New EnglandÉby Sr. William Phips or his agentÉpaidÉHave givenÉtheir Farme containing about Two Hundred and fourty acresÉ lyeingÉwithin the Towneship of NewportÉknowne by the name of Braces Farme Late in the occupation of Richard Allison now in the actuall possession and Tenure ofÉRobert AyresÉupland Meadows and Swamps which theyÉpurchased of John Walley of Bristoll EsqÉbounded Westerly by the Land now or late of Henry Bull and Irah Bull Sotherly by the Land of Major John Coggeshall Eastwardly by the sea northerly by the Land of John Easton Sen: Éand partly by the CommonÉWith all houses BarnesÉTreesÉ"

Wit. Stephen Mumford Nathan. Byfield Robert Ayars Samll. Crowley Signum Anne X Mumford Esther Ayars Boston 30th November 1687

Stephen Mumford and Robert AyersÉbefore me one of his majesties CouncillÉacknowledged John Walley Ann Mumford & Esther AyresÉacknowledged before me one of the CouncillÉthe fourth day of May 1688 Walter Newberry (Page 402)

Robert Evers to William Edwards.

"ÉRobert Ewer Marcht. & Elizabeth his wife of Philadelpia forÉmonyÉpayd to us from William Edwards of NewportÉ merchtÉhaveÉsoldÉLandÉin the Township of NewportÉEighty foott frount to the Streatt & soÉby the Land of William Mays sen & William Mays Jun on the East & west & on the North by Land of Nathall Coddington who is to make halfe the fence of that Line: ÉSecond of July 1692"

Wit. Robert Ewer Nathanll Coddington George Allin. John Tuker William Edwards to Robert Ayres. "ÉWilliam EdwardsÉIn consideration of thirty poundsÉrecived of Robert Ayres of NewportÉCarpenterÉdoe make over the within mentioned deed with all the LandsÉ" Thirteenth of August 1694 The Marke of William X Edwards Édeed of sale recorded in the 402 page of this book signed by Robert Euers (page 444) Mary Phips to Stephen Mumford & Robert Ayares. "ÉDame Mary phips wife and Attorney ofÉSr. William phips haveÉreceived of theÉMorgagers Stephen mumford And Robert AyaresÉOne hundred And fifty pounds Currant mony of New EnglandÉto the use of myÉhusband which with former paymentsÉdos CompleattÉtheÉsume of three hundred poundsÉdoeÉreleaseÉuntoÉStephen Mumford & Robert AyresÉ the farme & LandsÉThirtyeth day of November 1694" Wit. Mary Phips John White The Lady Mary Phips Tho: Hutchinson AcknowledgedÉ John Forster AboveÉhath Reference to A deed of MortgageÉin this book in the 357:358-359 & 360 pagesÉ ----------------------

!RESIDENCES: PATENTS AND DEEDS AND OTHER EARLY RECORDS OF NEW JERSEY: 1664- 1703, Ed. by William Nelson, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1976, pp. 565, 567. --p. 565. 9 Aug. 1676. Do. John Fenwick to . . . Richard Lippincott Senior of Shrewsbury, N. J., planter, for 1,000 acres in this colony. [Salem Deeds, Liber B, p. 5.] --p. 567. 20 May 1679. Do. Richard Lippincott of New Shrowsbury, N. J., planter, and wife Abigail to . . . their fourth son Freedom Lippincott, for 200 acres of the 1,000 acre tract on Chohanzick River and Wee-hatt-Quack Creek. [Salem Deeds, Liber B, p. 42.] --p. 567. 20 May 1679. Do. Richard Lippincott of New Shrowsbury, N. J., planter, and wife Abigail to . . . their third son Restore Lippincott . . . 200 acres. . . [Salem Deeds, Liber B, p. 52.] --p. 593. 1 July 1690. Deed. John Gillman Senior of Chohansey alias Cesari¾ River, yeoman, to his son John Gillman of Salem, farmer, for 200 acres at Chohansey near the path and adjoining 400 acres bought by grantor of Freedom Lippincott. [Salem Deeds, No. 5, p. 58.] --p. 605. 11 Oct. 1693. Do. By Freedom Lippincott of Burlington Co., tanner, to John Gillman pf Cesari¾ River alias Chohansey, W.J., yeoman, of "all the within mentioned tract of land." [Salem Deeds, No. 5, p. 371.] --p. 515. 12 August 1699. Do. Restore Lippincott of Burlington Co., yeoman, to Joseph Eastland of Cohansey, yeoman, to deliver to Robert Eyres, late of Road Island, his tract of land on the lower side of Cohansie River. [p. 648, West Jersey Records, Liber B, part 2.] A parcel of 200 acres (see page 567.) 1710-- [LAND EVIDENCE, Newport, Rhode Island, 1711 - 1727, p. 4. This is a bound and preserved volume kept at the Newport Historical Society, 82 Touro St., Newport, RI, 02840.] KNOW ALL MENÉby these presents - - I John Mumford of Newport in the colony of Rhode IslandÉam empowered by Robt. Ayres - - formerly of Sd. Colony, but now living in the Jerseys - - to receive One Hundred and Twelve pounds Current Money of Rhode Island, due to him from Capt. William codner, upon a Deed of Mortgage of a Certain Dwelling house & Land in sd Newport, given by sd. William codner to the aforesd. Robt. Ayres. Therefore, know ye that I John Mumford have Rec'd. ye full & Just Sum of One Hundred Twelve lbsÉof the sd. Wm. Codner & thereof Do Acquit & Discharge him, the Sd. Wm. Codner, his heirs & Assigns forever - - And Do Pronounce & Declare the sd. Deed of Mortgage Void and of none effect by these presents - - In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 10 day of December 1710. John Mumford (Seal) Signed, Sealed & Declared in the presence of James Brown Daniell Cooke Newport in the Colony of Rhoad Island 1715-- This Robert, or perhaps his son, may be listed among New Jersey Rateables living south of the Cohansey River. (From the report of the State Historian of New York, 1896, Colonial Series, Vol. I, p. 524. The introduction and list are from CUMBERLAND PATRIOT, Spring, 1992, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 1, 2, The Cumberland County Historical Society, Greenwich, NJ.) There is a Joseph Ayars listed with Robert in this same list! He is the son of another "Ayres" from another part of New Jersey. All other known Joseph Ayars' were born after 1715.

!LAND EVIDENCE: INDEX TO NEW JERSEY WILLS: 1689-1890 -- THE TESTATORS, ed. Lea Smeal and Ronald Vern Jackson. --John Gillman Sr., Salem, NJ. Will -- 1695, #00175. Inventory -- 1695. Intestate -- 1695. Probated -- 1695. --John Gillman Jr., Salem, NJ. Will probated 1731.

!LAND EVIDENCE: ARCHIVES OF THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY, Vol. 1, p. 483. --p. 186. 14 Oct. 1695. John Gillman Senior, of Cesari¾ River, Salem Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Rachael. Children: Edward, Mercye, Mary, Rachel, Charles, Elizabeth, Sarah Hutchings. Home Farm, 200 acres bought of William Groome. Property in East Jersey [Piscataway]. Recorded 9 Dec. 1695. Inventoried 25 Oct. 1695. --p. 186. 20 Mar. 1695/6. Will of Rachel Gillman, widow of John. --p. 186. 1696. Administration of estate granted to her son-in-law (stepson) Edward Gillman. --p. 294. 23 Nov. 1683. Lippincott, Richard, of Shrowsbery; will of. Wife Abegall. Sons -- Jacob, Freedom, Remembrance, John, Restore,. Daughter -- Incarnation (Increase?). Land at Long Point. --p. 294. 2 Jan. 1683/4. Governor's warrant to examine Abigail re: any other will of Richard. 21 May 1683 -- Endorsed. 2 Jan 1683/4 -- Bond for Abigail. 21 May 1684 -- Inventory.

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