Mary Elizabeth Frances RICHARDSON-EYRE

Father: Rev. Henry Samuel EYRE
Mother: Maria Charlotte CARBONELL

Family 1: Rev. John Richardson HODGES

                                                                                   _Kingsmill EYRE _____________
                                                             _Walpole EYRE _______|_Susanna Elizabeth ATKINSON _
                              _Walpole EYRE ________________|
                             |                              |                      _ JOHNSON ___________________
                             |                              |_Miss Sarah JOHNSON _|_____________________________
 _Rev. Henry Samuel EYRE ____|
|                            |                                                     _____________________________
|                            |                               _Robert JOHNSON _____|_____________________________
|                            |_Elizabeth Annabella JOHNSON _|
|                                                           |                      _____________________________
|                                                           |_____________________|_____________________________
|--Mary Elizabeth Frances RICHARDSON-EYRE 
|                                                                                  _____________________________
|                                                            _____________________|_____________________________
|                             _John CARBONELL ______________|
|                            |                              |                      _____________________________
|                            |                              |_____________________|_____________________________
|_Maria Charlotte CARBONELL _|
                             |                                                     _____________________________
                             |                               _____________________|_____________________________
                                                            |                      _____________________________



!SOURCE: BURKE'S GENEALOGICAL AND HERALDIC HISTORY OF THE LANDED GENTRY, INCLUDING AMERICAN FAMILIES WITH BRITISH DESCENT, Burke's Peerage Limited, London, 1939, p. 730. Joint life-tenant of St. John's Wood, m. 16 April, 1888, Rev. John Richardson-Eyre, 4th son of Richard Hodges, of Bandon, co. Cork, M.A. Merton Coll. Oxford, Vicar of All Saints, St. John's Wood 1889-1909, Rector of St. Mildred's Bread Street, E.C., from 1921. He assumed by Deed Poll, 4 May, 1888, the name of Richardson-Eyre. She d.s.p. 22 Dec. 1922.

!SOURCE: BURKE'S GENEALOGICAL AND HERALDIC HISTORY OF THE LANDED GENTRY, Eighteenth Edition, Vol. I, Burke's Peerage Limited, London, 1965, p. 248.

!GENEALOGIST: This lady wrote A HISTORY OF THE WILTSHIRE FAMILY OF EYRE, Mitchell and Hughes, London, 1897. Has the name Mary Frances Elizabeth Richardson-Eyre. The crest of Eyres of St. John's Wood, now the eldest branch of the Wiltshire Eyres,* is, according to the "General Armoury of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales: a Registry of Armorials bearing upon the earliest to the present times," by Sir Bernard Burke, C.B., LL.D.: On a cap of maintenance proper a booted and armed leg, couped at the thigh, quartered sometimes per pale (argen and gules) argent and sor. Motto: Virtus Sola Invicta. Arms: On a chevron sable three quatrefoils or. And he also gives the same in his "Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland," and in the "Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland," by John Burke, Esq., the same are recorded. *Sir Samuel Eyre of Newhouse and Chilhampton, Judge of the Court of King's Bench, had four sons, (1) Robert, (2) Francis, (3) Henry Samuel, and (4) Kingsmill, the eldest of whom, the Right Hon. Sir Robert Eyre, and three sons, (1) Robert, (2) Samuel, and (3) Edward; his eldest son, Robert, had only one son, who died at the early age of nine years; Samuel and Edward died without issue, and thus Sir Robert's male descent ended. Sir Samuel Eyre's second son and third sons, Francis Eyre, Canon of Salisbury, and Henry Samuel Eyre of St. John's Wood, left no children, and so again the male descent died out. Kingsmill Eyre, Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital, Sir Samuel's youngest son, had two sons, (1) Samuel and (2) Walpole. Samuel Eyre, the elder, had only two daughters; Walpole Eyre, the youngest son (of Burnham, and our great-grand-father), was the father of three sons, (1) Henry Samuel, (2) John Thomas, and (3) Walpole Henry Samuel, who died unmarried. John Thomas Eyre had two sons, (1) Walpole George and (2) George John, who both died young leaving no offspring. Walpole Eyre, our grandfather, the youngest son, had two sons, (1) Henry Samuel (our father) and (2) Frederick Edwin, and thus it was that our father became at the death of his cousin, George John Eyre, in 1883, the head of the family.

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